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With our own apps, we have convinced more than one million users since 2008. Based on this experience we could also help our clients to implement their ideas successfully on smartphones, through to the top 10 overall list in the App Store.


In many cases, the full potential of an app is only drawn with a backend that allows you to bring in new content and collect data centrally. A website related to an app can be very effective as well. We offer professional support to build the infrastructure that you need.


A good design makes your app more successful. This is not just about graphic design, but also about operating procedures that are practical on a smartphone and about the experience that the user expects on his device. Our experience can contribute to to these targets too.


How does this market work at all? How can you reach more than a single smartphone type with your idea? Or how can internal operations be supported with smartphones? We have answers to many questions.


07.03.2014 14:14

Am 10.3 ist es wieder soweit, die CeBIT öffnet fünf Tage lang ihr Pforten für Technologie und Medien-Begeisterte.Auch wir werden am Mittwoch den 12.3 um 10.00h Halle 12, Stand B 58 bei einer Paneldiskussion anwesend...[Leer más]

24.11.2013 12:06

After the app has recently been highlighted on Nov. 15, it will be featured again on Nov. 26 .[Leer más]

03.04.2013 13:42

Now available in the Windows Store - the free holiday calendar is available for Windows 8 tablets and desktops.A new idea in this version is that you can have the holidays list snapped and compare them the latest offers of your...[Leer más]

15.03.2013 17:12

Control your Lego NXT robot with our Android remote.[Leer más]

06.03.2013 21:19

Solid Apps participated in a talk about app development at the stand of Deutsche Telekom at CeBIT 2013 (in German). [Leer más]