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Holidays and Vacations is a full-fledged date book with features, that will convince you. Within the app you get three different calendars which you can customize individually according to your needs.

The three calendar views are set up with different defaults by us. Of course you can customize and rename them as you like. By default the following is shown:

  • A calendar view "Holidays" which shows the holidays that you selected. Vacations are shown with a grey background in the same calendar.
  • A calendar view "Season" which shows you when most of the schools in a selected region have their vacations and when vacations will be most expensive.
  • A calendar view "Personal" where you can find your own data, besides general holidays and vacations.


All calendars support a two year view, a month view and a week view. The week view acts as a detailed planner. Scroll through the week and have a look at your daily appointments as well as the exact times. Of course you can synchronize your data with iCal so you will always have it down pat without big effort. 

You already have a date book? Then let us convince you with the extra features!

Have you ever been upset because your date book didn't know the holidays in your country? Have you ever been on vacations and wondered why all the shops stayed closed? Would you like to avoid the traffic jams and high prices at the hotels during peak season? Would you like to know which countries celebrate mothers' day and fathers' day as well?

Our app is not only a simple date book. We provide you with a comprehensive list of holidays and school vacations in more than 30 countries worldwide. And you're not limited to the choice of one country. You can choose freely from all holiday and vacation dates from all countries. You can display the data combined with your own data or set up different calendars with different data, just as you like.

To make the display of data even more comfortable, you get three lists in addition to the three calendars. These will show only the selected dates.

  • The list "Holidays" with the holidays and commemoration days that you choose. You can add more holidays and commemoration days as you like.
  • The list "School" with all school vacations for the chosen federal state / canton / region, provided that there are fixed schedules for the region. This is the case for nearly all european countries. For other countries there might no data be included, but of course you can add your vacation dates individually.
  • The list "Personal" with the personal data that you added.

For all appointments you can set up an alarm, so you won't ever miss a date. Another little feature is that the calendar can show the phases of the moon as well.


24.11.2013 12:06

After the app has recently been highlighted on Nov. 15, it will be featured again on Nov. 26 .[more]

03.04.2013 13:42

Now available in the Windows Store - the free holiday calendar is available for Windows 8 tablets and desktops.A new idea in this version is that you can have the holidays list snapped and compare them the latest offers of your...[more]

14.02.2013 16:06

Our famous calendar app, Holidays and Vacations for Android, has been thoroughly updated. It now features a dramatically improved look and feel, much more data, easier navigation and more![more]

26.03.2012 12:10

Our Holiday and Vacation Calendar on Android was downloaded more then 100.000 times.[more]

29.02.2012 17:40

Our iPhone and Android app Holidays and Vacations is now available for Windows Phone and BlackBerry Playbook as well[more]