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Here can you see the 100 best scores obtained in the game that have been achieved during the current month.


If you also want to see the respective top 3 in recent month, just click here.


 #1   0   37   ABCDEFHH   Germany    
 #2   0   38   EKPOQR   France    
 #3   0   64   C   United States    


22.10.2010 04:46

New levels and Top 100 list with countries in the app.[more]

14.09.2010 11:04

Have a look at the Top 100 list on our website and see which country is going to win this championship.[more]

08.08.2010 23:21

You can now also book ad spaces in the game at very affordable rates.[more]

01.08.2010 22:00

Improved control and online scores[more]