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Suggestions and Support

If you need support for any of the applications please do not hesitate to contact

Please use the same address to send comments or suggestions about the applications. If you can think of an additional feature for one of the applications you bought or got for free in our occasional "happy hours", you are also kindly invited to propose it. We will implement it if it can be done with reasonable effort.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Advertising is an efficient means to promote your product.

We can support your mobile marketing campaign both with ideas and with ad space. We integrate advertising into our apps in an unobstructive way so that it is still fun to use the apps. While the users definitely notice the ads, they don´t feel impeded in their interaction with the app.

Here is a good example.

If you would like to try iPhone apps as a new media for your mobile marketing, don´t hesitate to contact us at


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