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Solid Apps GmbH / Company


Since the early days of the App Store, Solid Apps GmbH develops for one of the most interesting and dynamic markets of our time.

Just like the Internet, smartphones change our daily habits and simplify our lives, now also the workplaces. We contribute to this rapid development. Even a simple app like our holiday calendar helps more than a million people all over the world.

App development is the core of our work, not a small experiment besides the "real business". And it makes a difference that we focus on smartphones. Our apps don´t just apply old ideas to a new medium. They make the best of the big new potential.

You can find the Solid Apps GmbH since the beginning of 2010 at Technologiepark Braunschweig ("Brunswick"), Germany. If we can help you in any way, please find our contact details here.


07.03.2014 14:14

Am 10.3 ist es wieder soweit, die CeBIT öffnet fünf Tage lang ihr Pforten für Technologie und Medien-Begeisterte.Auch wir werden am Mittwoch den 12.3 um 10.00h Halle 12, Stand B 58 bei einer Paneldiskussion anwesend...[more]

24.11.2013 12:06

After the app has recently been highlighted on Nov. 15, it will be featured again on Nov. 26 .[more]

03.04.2013 13:42

Now available in the Windows Store - the free holiday calendar is available for Windows 8 tablets and desktops.A new idea in this version is that you can have the holidays list snapped and compare them the latest offers of your...[more]

15.03.2013 17:12

Control your Lego NXT robot with our Android remote.[more]

06.03.2013 21:19

Solid Apps participated in a talk about app development at the stand of Deutsche Telekom at CeBIT 2013 (in German). [more]